Pregnancy Week 6

As you carry your baby into the 6th week of pregnancy, a lot is happening within you, while it might not get reflected from the exterior. No one would find out that you are carrying, but you cannot miss the feeling of being pregnant. Thanks to the early symptoms which we discuss later in this article. The pregnancy hormone hCG causes increasing blood flow to the pelvic. Your kidneys work more now to get rid of the body waste. Now, the growing uterus is putting pressure on the bladder and you will be forced to visit the bathroom more often.

Developments in the 6th Week of Pregnancy: Now the embryo is less than one fifth of an inch and looks something like a human tadpole. The top part of the brain looks like a hollow stalk. On each side of the brain you will observe some small cups, the base of which form the eyeballs. The interior part of the cup, i.e. the skin cells develop into cornea and lens.

The heart of your little one is not bigger than a poppy seed. It beats now, and the red blood cells that are in the primitive stage circulate through the fetus and chronic villi. The connecting tube called the neutral tube, which connects the spinal cord and the brain closes at this time. One end of the neutral tube forms the brain and the other end forms the spinal cord.

While you are coping with the tough pregnancy symptoms, there are a lot of things you might feel good about. Your little one’s jaw, chin, eyes, nose, cheeks are starting to form and she is now on the way to get an adorable face. To add to this joy, her liver, lungs and kidneys are developing.

This is the most important time in the pregnancy as the development of your little one between 17 to 56 days, the embryo is susceptible to factors that hinder normal growth.

The heartbeats of your baby are about 80 times per minute and they get faster each day.

As you have confirmed about your pregnancy from a home pregnancy test, it will not hurt if you get it confirmed from a doctor. You will have a detailed physical examination, pelvic exam, pap smear, blood test, Rh factor. Get yourself tested for sexually transmitted diseases, genetic diseases, and immunity to German measles.

Some of the Symptoms are as follows:

Frequent Urination: Your uterus is putting pressure on your bladder and that will lead to frequent visits to the bathroom. You will feel the urge to urinate frequently. The kidneys are now getting more and more efficient in getting rid of the body waste.

Fatigue: As your baby is growing the fetus needs support to grow, you will get tired and feel exhausted. Your body might require a break, well, then take one for 5 minutes! But, do some exercise or yoga or take a walk.

Breast Tenderness: Your nipples will stick out more than do usually. They will get tender. Your body is getting ready for breast feeding, the areolas are now darker.

Vomiting and Nausea: You can combat this feeling by eating small snacks th

Pregnant at 6 week

Know about 6 week pregnancy.

at have proteins like cheese or yogurt.

Indigestion, bloating and increased sense of smell are some of the other symptoms. More on click here


Pregnancy Week 5

5 Week Pregnant

The fifth week of pregnancy is the most active and exciting week when your little one is now getting developed. The head, heart, limbs are getting developed and the circulation is active now.

While you still ponder over the fact that you are pregnant or not, a home pregnancy test will give you a confirmation about your pregnancy. You won’t feel any different and things are the same like they have been a couple of weeks ago. When the baby within you grows it might exhaust you, and you may feel a bit more fatigued than you usually did. Prenatal checkups are important and they should be taken between six to ten weeks. So, go ahead and take an appointment with your doctor. During this time the heart and the circulatory system of your little one are developing and the hCG hormone levels are quite high to confirm that you are pregnant.

Developments in the 5th week of pregnancy:

In the 5th week of the pregnancy the embryo is cannot be called a fetus yet. The embryo is 3 weeks old but as it is technically calculated you are in the 5th week of you pregnancy. The embryo is too tiny, just the size of a grain of rice. It measures the size of 1.5mm to 4mm. The heat chambers are forming yet and the heart start to beat now. But, the changes that the embryo goes through are not very drastic as compared to the last few weeks.

The embryo is made of three layers now the ectoderm, the endoderm and the mesoderm. These layers later on develop into tissues and organs. The top layer is the neutral tube from which the spinal cord, backbone and the brain will develop. This layer develops into hair, nails, tooth enamel, sweat glands, mammary and sweat glands.

The middle layer is the mesoderm that forms the circulatory system. The mesoderm develops into subcutaneous tissue, cartilage, muscles and the bones.

The third layer is the endoderm and it develops into liver, lungs, intestine, urinary system, and thyroid. The umbilical cord, the placenta is now delivering nourishment to your little one.

Now, the focus at this stage is your baby’s head, and is growing at a faster rate than the rest of its body. The brain of your baby is going through some extremely vital changes, so that the blood circulation, heart beat and other functions can be regulated properly. The rest of the body which was tiny and what looked like buds now have grown into tiny limbs this week. If you could have a look inside your body you could tell which the tail is and which end is the head of the embryo.

Within this short period of five weeks, your hard working little one is already flaunting a preliminary form of lungs, nasal pits, stomach, pancreas, liver. You will see the most fascinating part of the existence that is the heart has increased in its circulatory capacity. Now, the chambers of the heart are forming and the heart begins to beat. The umbilical cord and the placenta are continuously developing.

You will notice some of the pregnancy related discomforts. These are fatigue, sore breasts and you will have the urge to urinate frequently. You will also get a feeling of nausea, and you might also show up in the weeks to come.

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